Zippy Shell

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Imagine a magic container that appears in your driveway or right at your curb. One that you or Zippy Shell can put your stuff in to keep it safe. One that is only there when you need it. That’s pretty much how Zippy Shell works.

Zippy Shell arrives in your driveway or on your street. No need for renting or driving a truck. We bring the shell to you when you need it.

Once your Zippy Shell arrives, all you’ll need is 2-3 days to fill it up and get it ready to go.
Now that all that stuff is out of your hair, we’ll keep it safe in one of our climate controlled and secure locations. Need something back? No problem, just give us a call, we’ll have it back in a flash.

Fitting in is not a problem.
We know parking is at a premium, which is why our maneuverable shell system is perfect for moving in the city.

We can drop it off right at your door, so loading and unloading is quick and painless.

Our drivers can parallel park with the best of them and our trailers are totally street legal.